National Service Scheme aims at educating the youth for community development through social services like adult literacy drive, family welfare progrmme, medical aid camps, environmental pollution, awareness programme, appreciating activities, making socioeconomic surveys on rural life. helping the distress during the natural calamities like cyclone, flood, famine, drought, fire and earthqueake and to work for national integration and unity.

Two N.S.S. Units (One boys and one girl) of the college operate under the Utkal University and direct supervision of the Principal N.S.S. Officers appointed by the Principal from among the teaching staff and approved by the University are looking after the day to day
functions of N.S.S.

1. The present strength of N.S.S. Units is 50 volunteers in each unit.
2. Selection of volunteers of the unit for attending special camps is made by the N.S.S. Officers.
3. Attedance in the camp for all the enrolled volunters is compulsory.


S.S.B. College is selected as a Central Unit for N.S.S.activities. There are two N.S.S. Units. 1 boy’s unit and 1 girl’s unit inthis College, headed by N.S.S Programme Officers. There are 150 boys and girls volunteers in this College. N.S.S. volunteers are active in maintaining discipline inside the College and also outside. N.S.S. Units are taking different programmes such as Mass Education, Blood Donations, Plantations, Social awareness against social evils and National Integration in adopted villages. Enrolment in N.S.S. is open to all students except NCC cadets.