College Rules

1.Academic Session : The Academic session of the college begins from the month of June every year and ends in May next year covering 12 months.
2.Admission : Direct Admission (regular or on transfer basis) to +2 and +3 First Year of Humanities, science and commerce stream is conducted through government approved provisions under project SAMS (Students Academic Management Scheme) in e-space as per the instructions of the Govt. of Odisha.
3.Dress Cose Identity Card : Each bonafide student of the college is bound to come and the college for their classes, examinations or any other purposes like college functions, sports and any get together in the approved dress code (college uniform) with college identity card thoughout their studentship.
4.Attendance : Atleast 75% of attendance in both theory and practival classes of each and every subject is badly necessary for the purpose of apearing all type of examinations and taking part in different student oriented activities like college election, cultural programme and extra-mural activities etc. Letters of shortage of        attendance calculated at the end of every month are despatched to the concerned student guardians regularly to caution their chap to come and take class in the college without any drop.
5.Fees Collection : The college fees (besides admission and re-admission) are collected on working days notified atleast seven days before in due date and the defaulters are to pay the same we with fine as fixed by the college in another date.If any one fails second time his/her name is struck off from college roll, in which
case readmission is a must with readmission fee (equal to one moths’ tuition fee) and fine.
6.Outside involvement : The bonafide students are strictly forbidden to selong to any outside Club/Society/Team other than college union (for +3 students) and cultural Association (for +2 students) etc. without prior permission of the principal.
7.Extra Academic facilities.
a)All the Degree studnets, alongwith their regular routine classes, are facilitated to attend Remedial coaching, coaching for entry into service and career counselling programme in every academic session to hear from experts other than their regular teachers. They are also given apportunities to organise and participate inDepartmental (speceally Honours teaching Departments) seminars, symposium and workshops inviting outside subject experts & eminent educationsts to thecollege every year. Appearing Unit/Monthly Tests along with pretest and Test Examinations sufficiently before the commencement of Annual University Examination is an in separable part of academic progress of the students.
b)Students of +2 classes are given the facilities to appear Unit/ Monthly tests, Group Discussion classes and Aspirant Classes regularly alongwith their regular routine classes every year.
c)College organises regularly, state, National and international level get together, Awarness programme, Blood Donation Camps etc. in the college to facilitate its students to participate and donate blood for development of their physical, mental and intellectual health.


Each and every bonafide student of the college is strictly prohibitted from involvement in the following activities –

1.   Spitting on / scribbling / disfiguring college walls, floors, pillars, doors and windows with pen, pencil, chalk or celour / paint / coaltar.
2.   Tampering/Destroying electric wiring/fittings, fans, bulbs, water supply or drinking water system or abaiting to such activities.
3.   Sticking placards, posters or banners inside college campus without the permission of college authority.
4.   Destroying college property for any reason.
5.   Litering single /in twos / more without any reason, standing / gossiping vague in the college corridor at the time of classes being taken, making any kind of noise or
       disturbance inside the campus, listening sings/music from cell phone in and outside the class rooms or any where in the campus or over the roof of college building.
6.   Showing misbehaviour/corcive action inside the campus with college students / employees / visitors or indisciplined action of any kind at the time of paying college
       dues, mass meetings, cultural gettogether, sports, college drama and any type of functions.
7.   Coming to principal’s chamber Library, Reading room, Laboratories, seminar halls without Id cardor without dress code or with cell phone switch on for any appeal.
8.   Putting own vehicles hither and thither any where other than specific stand and handling others
       vehicle without the permission of the owern or keeping the vehicle without lock.
9.   Rules for students quoted from Odisha Education Code –
i)   In case of continious absence in the college without applying for any kind of leave on the part of the students. The name of the absentee is struck off on and after
       the third day of such leave. Readmission in this case is disallowed only except in the case of applying for being excused to the Principal in writing duly
       signed/countersigned by the parents/ authorised guardians, where the discretion of the Principal plays vital role.
ii)   Students, rusticated / expelled and their names struck off, shall have to leave the college inspite of his/ her advance payment of college dues, which is due to be        forfeited. In case of disobedience of the order of the Principal the matter is viewed seriously to take legal action against the student including forceful out of the
       student from the college if deemed necessary.
iii)   Permission is not required for day scholars of the college (other than boarders) to attend political meetings but without any undue prominence and active        involvement. It is to be kept in mind that the college is meant for education not active politics, for which the Principal in consultation with the president, G.B may
       prohibit the student to do so on the apprehension of breach of law.
iv)   A student, interested to Join on a permanent member any club/society outside the college, must seek prior permission of the Principal.
v)   No Society/club can be started or maintained by the students in the college without the approval of the Principal nor be affiliated to any outside body only except
       for the purpose of quiet and scholarly discussion of political, literary or scientific problems. These societies must be open for all staff members of office bearers. No
       person beyond the adjudication of the college can be a member of this society/ club.
vi)   Any kind of scholarship to students can be withdrawn at any time if the progress or conduct of the beneficiary is certified unsatisfactory by the Principal.