Aims & Objectives

The primary objective of education is to dispel the darkness of ignorance from the mind of the uneducated and enlightened him. It is rightly stated is the Veda "that is knowledge which liberates". Education is the medium of transfer of knowledge. Knowledge is the act of knowing, discovering and exploring the abysmal depth of the mystery of the vast universe around us. Education generates knowledge and knowledge liberates man. It liberates man from the shackles of ignorance, poverty, disease, exploitation, prejudice, superstition, intolerance, jealousy, religious fundamentalism barbarism, casteism, class consciousness war apartheid and other antihuman feelings and social evils. The process of acquisition of knowledge is education. Man gets his education through institution is known as formal education and the education outside, institution is known as informal education. Formal education is meant for awarding degree and certificate on specific area of knowledge but informal education does not have the same mission. Its scope is vast.

Formal education is given at three levels. Primary, secondary and tertiary. College education is subsumed in the third category. The goal of this college is to prepare and prime a youth for meeting the challenges in different walks of life. It helps him to achieve allround development, intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual and social. In addition to growth of knowledge, it promotes his skills, competence, sharpness of thought, outlook ision and instill confidence. He learns the essence of work-culture and commitment to duty.

This college purports to build intellectually sharp, physically energetic, morally righteous, spiritually rich, culturally advanced, socially progressive, politically astute and economically self sufficient young men and women who will steer the economically ackward state of Odisha to economic progress and prosperity


Sri Sri Bayababa College nourishes the following mission.

i)To provide Higher education to economically disadvantaged young boys and girls of the remote rural area.
ii)To provide education at a reasonable cost.
iii)To impart value-based education.
iv)To inspire them to scale new heights.
v)To inculcate in them the spirit of sacrifice and patriotism.
viTo create in them dignity of labour.
vii)To generate civic awareness and responsibilities
viii)To make them disciplined and law abiding.
ix)To display loyalty to constitution of the country.
x)To disseminate knowledge among the uneducated class.
xi)To help remove illiteracy, poverty and disease.
xii)To create concern and sense of pity for the downtrodden.
xiii)To generate the feeling of universal brother hood and concept of universe as a family.
xiv)To fight to maintain communal harmony and peaceful coexistence.
xv)To remove gender inequality, eliminate casteism and apartheid.
xvi)To preserve the spirit of democracy.
xvii)To generate employment for the young men and women.
xviii)To restore the lost cultural heritage and maintain the glorious Odishan custom, tradition and mores.
xix)To eliminate religious fanaticism and the corrupt and moribund social practices.
xx)To build a healthy and prosperous society through promising and enter prising young men and women.
xxi)To make the earth a safe sacred habitat for the flora and fauna.
xxii)To dispel the nagging panic of the possibility of a nuclear holocaust.


a) Throughout a span of 35 years since its establishment, Sri Sri Bayababa College has produced a good number of scholars like journalist Chittaranjan Behera, Labour Enforcement officer Sanjaya Rath, Professors and so many in different capacities ranging from the state to national level.

b) The degree results of this college for so many academic years are note worthy as the tally ranks top in comparison to other nearby institutions.

c) NSS units of the college have extended a great number of social services to the people of the locality for years together.

d) Eye camps, Blood donation camp, literary programme and other programmes of public awareness about of dangerous diseases, welfare activities & new inventions of Government of Odisha and India are milestones on the way of achievements of S.S.B. College, Mahakalpara, Kendrapara.